Kennedy Dufault- Naicam

Naicam, Saskatchewan

SASCA Bursary Winner


Kennedy’s leadership involvement began when she was in Grade Eight.  She joined the SRC and SADD.  The following year she joined the Goat Getters We Schools group.  By Grade 10, Kennedy was president of SADD, and during the last two years of her secondary education, president of the SLC.

 During her final year of secondary, Kennedy was involved in reimagining the role that the SLC plays in Naicam School.  A new constitution was developed as a result.  She also created a Global Awareness Council to work under the auspices of the SLC.

 In 2017, Kennedy was chosen to speak at WE Day.  As a result she was selected as one of two Potash Corps student ambassadors and given the chance to travel to Kenya.  There she spent her time understanding of sustainable water sources for the local community and helping to build a local school.

 Kennedy feels that her experiences have shaped her as an individual and taught her many things about herself; they have also played a role in helping Kennedy decide what to do with her future.  She is currently attending the University of Toronto studying International Development in order to expand upon her passion and trying to make the world a better place.

Presley Onufreychuk- Manor

Manor, Saskatchewan

2018 SASCA Bursary Winner


Presley learned how to be an active volunteer throughout her primary and secondary school years.  During her last year at school she was President of the SRC.  She was also involved in the school Breakfast Programme, fluoride mouth rinse programme and also a mentorship programme doing with helping at risk students.  Presley feels that these committees developed a strong sense of leadership and organisational skills.

 In the local community, Presley organised a “Skate a thon” to raise funds for the community rink.  Presley felt that this one of the biggest learning experiences she had to deal with many different people, forcing her to step outside her comfort zone.  She also worked part time at the Redvers Activity Centre, helping people with disabilities.  This allowed her to experience supporting other people’s needs and helping to teach them independence.

 Presley participated in a WE Day trip to Mexico for eleven days, helping in poor communities, and distributing food and clothing.

 Having a passion for helping people led Presley to decide to attend the University of Regina to study Social Work.

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