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Fundraising Companies


  • The Eco Edge (cloths)




  • Lamontagne (cards, wrap, chocolate, etc.





  • World’s Finest Chocolates




  • DeSimone Farms

                (fruit and juices)


                Harold Theissing  



  • Oliver’s Labels

      (waterproof labels and tags)



  • Kapow Lollipops

       (Fun Shaped Pasta,  Kapow!  

         Gourmet Lollipops)

  • Fersters Prime Time Fruit Fundraisers 

Ferster Marketing Est. 1972

Saskatoon, SK / Kelowna, BC

306-222-3456 - Cell

306-931-3455 - Office

  • Football Saskatchewan 

                (grey cup ticket lottery)


                306-780-9239 (tel)

                306-781-6021 (fax)


  • Java Joe’s Fundraising







  • School House Publications

     (Student/Teacher day planners) 



  • Purdys Chocolatier


Click here for PDF for their Xmas Fundraising Program.


  • Prairie Meats

(fresh & frozen meats)

Click here for PDF for their Fall Sign-up.

  • QSP

(magazines, popcorn, cookie dough, gifts, photo products, chocolate, etc)

Carman Praski, QSP Fundraising Consultant  306-221-0768

Elite Fundraising

  •  Cookie Joe Fundraising (non-frozen cookie dough mixes)

  • Snack Pack Reusables (reusable snack bags)  


  • Dieleman Fundraising (wrap, frozen foods, 365 coupons, jewelry, home decor)




  • Cookie Crumbles

      (nut free muffin mix, cookie dough,

       tea, hot chocolate and coffee)




  •  Peg’s Kitchen

       (kolbasa, cookie dough, perogies,

        cabbage rolls, pies)




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