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Motivational Speakers



Live Different ~ is a movement

focused on changing ourselves and

the world around us by embracing a lifestyle that cares for people,

not stuff.

Andy Thibodeau ~ programs are part pep rally, part comedy show, part inspirational talk, part hands-on training workshop!  He is a unique speaker who combines hilarious comedy, inspiring stories and empowering leadership insight.

Justin Boudreau ~ known by students as the “Dude Who Changed My Life” is ready to bring awareness to your “community”. His insightful “There YOU Are” vision and his expertise in HUM-ERGY (Humor & Energy) will empower your students to step up and stand out.

Greg Wood ~ Greg & Oonaugh Wood present educational school assembly programs for elementary and middle schools that combine educational content and entertainment. They use magic, sleight of hand, and illusion to capture the attention of the students.

Trisha ~ Trisha Miltimore is an International Speaker, Broadcaster & PASSION IGNITER inspiring women to SHINE by connecting with their authentic selves and stepping “outside of the box” towards self-awareness.

Scott Hammell ~  a four-time Guinness World Record holder. Whether it’s magic, escape artistry, stunts, or speaking, his goal is to entertain and inspire.

Ian Tyson ~ has entertained & inspired people with his unique brand of "Comedy with a Message." His passionate  presentations are delivered with high energy, humor and heart-warming relatable stories of overcoming obstacles and making a difference in the lives of others.

Alan Mallory ~ keynotes & interactive sessions are centered around an exciting & emotional expedition to the summit of Mount Everest where he & his family set a world record after two-months of climbing through some of the most arduous and terrifying conditions imaginable.

Mark Black ~ is The Guy Who Get’s Teens™ . A Heart & Double-Lung Transplant Recipient, 4-Time Marathon Runner, and best-selling author of “Live Life from the Heart”, Mark has been working with teens for over a decade.

Eva Olsson ~ a Holocaust survivor.  Eva shares her personal story on what it means to be a victim of hate, and at the physical & emotional mercy of the Nazi regime. 
She relays the need for compassion & tolerance and teaches the consequences of hate, bullying, and bigotry.

Jessie Lewis ~  with extensive hypnosis training, knowledge and experience, no mistakes will be made when Jesse's show entertains your group.


TornadoHunter ~ Tornado Hunter Chris Chittick and Ricky Forbes have created dynamic presentations for school aged children on the subject of severe weather.


Glen Bacarro ~ shares his personal stories of trials and triumphs for youth to overcome huge obstacles in life.


Star-Riders ~ Getting started in Astonomy.  Anthony Ducharme, Astrophotographer, shares his knowledge about the solar systems, meteors, and backyard astrology.


Robb Nash ~ engages young people through the power of music and words, engaging them to make positive life choices and lead lives of significance and purpose.

Robb Nash ~ engages young people through the power of music and words, engaging them to make positive life choices and lead lives of significance and purpose.

Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau - this is a group of twelve professional Canadian motivational speakers.  These speakers work together to bring powerful, inspirational, and valuable messages to Canadian youth all across the country. 

Talia Saltarelli, Director 

Keith Hawkins ~  Through motivational speaking and customized programs, Keith's presentation,  "Real Inspiration" has four key beliefs: Relationships, Empowerment, Attitude and Leadership.

Cody Prevost ~ a Canadian country music sensation. On the “Imagine No Bullying” tour he performed to over 3500 students in just 7 shows in December.


Jason Lamoureux ~ a professional entertainer who delivers incredible, powerful magic. Jay has  a reputation to  entertain and earned the name through his colleagues "Magic Jay".


Sask Express ~ 2015 marks Saskexpress' 25th anniversary school tour. Click the logo to download the PDF of information for 2015 school tours.



After losing his son in a car crash, retired veteran firefighter Greg Drew, empowers his audiences with the tools they need to get out of unsafe situations involving vehicles and driving.


Ryan Laird ~ is a two-time Canadian Country Music Awards recording artist nominee, singer-songwriter and philanthropist.

Bobby Henline ~ spreads joy and hope through his speaking and stand up comedy.  He is a verteran of Desert Storm and Iraq.  He spent six months in hospital after his humvee was hit by a road side bomb - he was the only survivor.


Corey Poirier - discects the wisdom of thousands of thought leaders so that you don't have to

Check out his TEDx Talks on YouTube


Sierra Bearchell - who is from Moose Jaw - inspires those who have ever struggled with bullies and critics.  You will hear her story on how she took the opportunity to stand up to critics and be a strong inspiration voice to women around the world.  Her message will help people change how they view themselves.

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